WildlifeEurope is the international trade name of Boerema & van den Brink B.V. (Ltd) The Netherlands.

Legal & Ecological Consultancy Services on Wildlife and Biodiversity

Seeking optimal balance between Conservation and Human interest

Conservancy with pragmatism

European Nature and Wildlife deserves an optimal protection.

Human interests, such as expanding or maintaining infrastructure and urban landscaping may lead to conflicts with our conservancy goals.

Knowledge on European Conservancy Legislation combined with a thourough Ecological insight is needed to find acceptable solutions.

Wildlife Europe offers consultancy services on both Legal as Ecological issues. Specialized on European legislation and European Wildlife management

Natura 2000

The European Nature Network to protect and expand biodiversity

International Network

Maintaining an internation network of legal and ecological scientists

European Legislation

Applying European Birds- and Habitatsdirective

Wildlife Management

Knowledge based Wildlife Management

Presentation Managing Wild Ungulate populations in Urbanized Environments